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Health Education Key Leaders

The Elena M. Sliepcevich Centre for Health Education Studies includes multiple Collections of professional materials. In addition to the Sliepcevich Collection that launched the Centre, The SIU Collection of Health Education Key Leaders is an accumulation of historical documents in health education about the entire profession, in general, and the Department of Health Education at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, specifically.

This Collection is initiated with materials related to the history of health education collected by selected key leaders. These resources provide an archived illustration of the spirit of the profession’s past. They, and other acquisitions for this evolving Collection, offer a gateway for additional future collections and research. Examples from this Key Leaders Collection include:

  • The C.E. Turner papers, generously donated by the American School Health Association, include documents as they relate to his World Health Organization consulting work in Asia, Europe, and North America. The Turner files also include materials from selected National and International organizations, including Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, American Red Cross, United States Public Health Service and War Service, and International Planned Parenthood Foundation. National health education and public health organization materials are included in the collection, including those from the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; American School Health Association; American Public Health Association; and Society for Public Health Education, as Dr. Turner was a founding member and first president of the latter association.
  • The Judy Catherine Drolet papers include documentation of the renowned Seaside Health Education Conference as well as its national and state evaluations, selected publications, reports, and curricula focusing on topics such as the Role Delineation Project, school health education, sexuality education, and professional preparation. The Drolet materials also contain files on the Health Education Honorary, Eta Sigma Gamma, and selected key leaders in health education, including Drs. Robert Russell, William Carlyon, Delbert Oberteuffer, Richard Means, and Eileen Harris (Zunich) among others.